How to Open a Station - or - Get a Grip

To get a station at Gilsland we have to go through the eight-stage GRIP process: "Governance for Railway Investment Projects".

The GRIP process is Network Rail’s management and control process for delivering projects on the operational railway system.

Initiate 1. Define what you want Research what is really needed.
2. Assess feasibility Can it be built?
What will it cost?
Can this cost be justified?
Undertake Feasibility Study
Option Choice 3. Choose an option  
Option Development 4. Develop chosen option Outline design produced.
5. Produce a detailed design Complete engineering design produced including timescales, permissions, contractors, costs and funding.
Build 6.Construct, test, commission Build to the specification, test to confirm it works as planned and prepare for use.
Close 7. Handover Responsibility for running and maintenance handed over to Network Rail/Northern.
8. Close down project Project wound up and formally closed..

As far as the Campaign to Open Gilsland Station is concerned, we believe we have successfully completed GRIP stage 2 with the production of a Feasibility Study Report. Network Rail, though, may not agree with us.

What next ?

The feasibility study has concluded that there is a genuine need for a station at Gilsland and that it could be physically be built where the old station was located.  In addition, it estimates that for every £1 spent in building the station, the economic gain would be £3.98; however this is not sufficient for the Department for Transport to fund it, so COGS will be looking to a variety of funders to help us achieve our aim.

The COGS steering committee hope to combine the next two GRIP stages, option selection and detailed design, but before these can commence, we have to raise the necessary funds to procede through the GRIP process. Anyone who can offer help with this process or suggest appropriate funding bodies, please contact COGS.


Northumberland County Council Backs Gilsland Station Project

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